Things to know about me

I'm a web design lover, trapped in an engineer's body. I design and code for fun. I also try to write down everything that´s on my mind.

During the day I develop digital solutions around the topic IoT. As soon as it gets dark I dedicate myself to everything around web design and web development.

My great passion is to design and develop individual websites, blogs and design pattern libraries for people who don´t want their product to be mainstream. The used toolkit is simple HTML, CSS, and JS. Some years ago I started to teach myself web development. My biggest help at that time was Travis Neilson, who was still running his Youtube channel DevTips at that time. I check his website every now and then to see what's new with him.

The first websites were created with Jekyll, a static site generator that allows you to use a file-based CMS. Therefore no database is necessary. After a training phase, the learning curve is quite steep and you quickly come to great results.

At the moment I give GatsbyJS a try because I am always looking for new tools, which will take me a step further.

On Medium, I write about everything that interests me, nutrition, my Schindelhauer bicycle, my dog and yoga.

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